Taxidermy Registration

12th Open European Taxidermy Championships 2021

Taxidermy Registration Form

Complete the below 7 step registration form below and submit before August 13, 2021 to avoid a late entry fee at an additional €100

If you require assistance on how to fill out the registration form, go to the Help Videos in the main menu.

1st Entry € 85,- / 2nd Entry € 65,- / 3rd Entry € 45,- / 4th and all other entries € 25,-
Deadline for Early Registration: August 13, 2021 until 6 weeks before check in day on Monday, September 20, 2021
Deadline for Late Registration: September 10, 2021 until 10 days before check in day on Monday, September 20, 2021
Additional fee of EUR 100 for late registration from: August 14 – September 10, 2021
Deadline for EU and Hungarian protected species (not relevant for CITES): August 20, 2021
Please note: All prices are net prices (without VAT / MWSt)
Please study the up-to-date ETC® Rules & Regulations (

If you cannot find your species on the ETC® Lists of Species (, please fill in “Not on the List” (under “Category”).

Please use the ETC® Species List’s codes to register your entries. For other categories, please use the codes outlined in the ETC® Rules & Regulations.
Animal Groups: Please write down the species name and put the number of mounts in brackets.

SOME EXAMPLES of Divisions Codes + Category Codes (not written on the ETC® Species Lists):

N = Novice Division
NB = Birds; NM = Mammals; NG = Game Heads; NF = Fishes; NRA = Reptiles/Amphibians; NSK = Skeletons; NAG = Animal Groups (incl. mixed groups); NRP = Reproductions; NRSM = Reconstructions/Scientific Models … and more
P = Professional Division
PB4 = Bird Groups; PM4 = Mammal Groups; PF1 = Small Fishes (below 20 cm); PF2 = Large Fishes (20 cm and more); PF3 = Fish Groups; PRA1 = Reptiles/Amphibians; PRA2 = Reptiles/Amphibians Groups; PMX = Mixed Groups; PSK1 = Skeletons; PSK2 = Skeleton Groups; PRP = Reproductions; PRSM = Reconstructions/Scientific Models … and more
M = Master Division
MB4 = Bird Groups; MM4 = Mammal Groups; MF1 = Fishes – below 20 cm; MF2 = Fishes – from 20 cm; MF3 = Fish Groups; MRA1 = Reptiles/Amphibians; MRA2 = Reptiles/Amphibians Groups; MSK1 = Skeletons; MSK2 = Skeleton; Groups, MRP1 = Reproductions Fishes; MRP2 = Reproductions Reptiles/Amphibians; MRSM1 = Reconstructions /Scientific Models … and more
C = Collective Artists Division
E = Division of Excellence

There are no “Categories” in the Collective Artists Division and Division of Excellence!
Note that all the used Category Codes correspond to the codes in the ETC® Rules & Regulations.

Award Banquet: Award Banquet tickets may be purchased singularly. Note: an Award Banquet ticket does not entitle the holder to visit the “Host”-Fair / Taxidermy Championships.

Registration: Digital by Registration Form on the ETC®-website

Payment for registrations:  After registration you will receive an invoice by e-mail with all payment and bank details! The due date is 10 days after receiving final invoice.
Please note that the registration is binding and there will be no refund in case of cancellation.

Payment for late registrations: Cash as well as Credit Card payments are possible at the ETC® Office on the fairground.

For further information please go to:

Questions in regards to registration: Stephen Guild at
Questions to invoicing:
First Class Trophy, Károly Bengyik at

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